Martin Scorsese is a big Ari Aster fan. He’s already praised his first two films, “Hereditary” and “Midsommar,”

but now he’s back for more, supporting Aster’s latest film “Beau is Afraid”.

Scorsese will be joining Aster in conversation on Monday night after a screening of ‘Beau’ in NYC.

This is clearly a show of support for the $35 million as it definitely has an uphill battle ahead of it at the box-office.

At the 2019 New York Film Festival, Scorsese praised Aster’s “Hereditary” and its ability to create what he saw as a family-driven narrative that doubled as horror and drama, 

"It's horror, but it's more than that," Scorsese said of Aster's feature-length debut. "For me, when you take the horror out,

it still works. But the horror elements, how should I say this — they shock you in a good way. 

They shock you into an awakening of the real pain of these people." 

"I can tell you that Formal Control is just as impactful as Hereditary, maybe more so,

and it digs into feelings that are as real and deeply uncomfortable as those shared between the characters in the first picture.