The US Coast Guard and the Mexican Navy are searching for three 

American sailors who were last heard from on April 4 near Mazatlán, Mexico.

According to a news release Friday from the US Coast Guard, Kerry O'Brien,

Frank O'Brien and William Gross were aboard the sailing vessel "Ocean Bound,"

a 44-foot La Fite that docked at Mazatlan en route to San Diego.

came out of The sailors planned to stop at Cabo San Lucas on 6 April for provisions and then report before heading to San Diego. 

But there is no record of their arrival in Cabo San Lucas or any reports of their whereabouts, 

according to the release.  On Saturday, the Northern California Division of the US Coast Guard posted 

information and photos about the missing trio and their vessel

 US "Search and rescue coordinators contacted marinas throughout Baja, Mexico, with negative sightings of the vessel," according to a Coast Guard release.